14 Feb 2013

COL clip

Here is a clip from a recent promo I worked on with Sun and Moon. I was responcible for all CG work including character modeling, rigging, animation, lighting and rendering.

COL clip from Owen Simons on Vimeo.

6 Feb 2013

Dr. Elephant

Here is a little bit of animation I recently created for the Sun and Moon Studios showreel. The character was designed by Louis Jones and I completed all the 3D work.

DR EL from Owen Simons on Vimeo.

30 Jan 2013

More Banana Animation

Here are another two of the Banana virals I created. The facial animation in "Tasty Snack" was completed by Olivia Patricio and "Enemy Snack" was animated by Will Miller. These video's are getting quite a few hits via Facebook and it's been really good reading peoples comments. I completed the work for Radical Love (Sydney) who wrote the scripts and directed the voice records. It was great material to animate and I'm really pleased how it all turned out.

25 Jan 2013

16 Jan 2013


I recently worked on a series of viral animations featuring a couple of banana characters. I was responsible for all the CG work on the project, just working to supplied audio. I'm looking forward to being able to share the finished videos as I think they came out really well but in the meantime here is a test render of one of the characters:

4 Jan 2013

Character Designs - Brain

Here are some character development sketches and final designs for a short film idea of mine.

3 Aug 2012

CLC Website Animation

Below is a few edited clips from a project I worked on with Dragonfly Media in Bristol.  They created an interactive environment for a girls school website and I provided the characters to populate it. This included modelling, rigging and animating a score of different characters to show different aspects of school life.

CLC from Paul Silcox on Vimeo.